“We have three core elements – recognize, empower, celebrate –  working together to promote Pakistan’s sporting excellence across the world and also to use the power of sport as a change agent to inspire our youth. Let’s #RespectTheSweat of our sportswomen and men across all sports”

Pakistan Sports Awards

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    Step into the dynamic world of Pakistan Sports through our riveting showreel, a visual odyssey encapsulating the essence of our initiative. Immerse yourself in a symphony of impactful public service messages, delivered both in English and Urdu, resonating with diverse audiences across Pakistan. These messages transcend language barriers, addressing acknowledgement for athletes across all sports and championing the transformative power of sports. Feel the pulse of our Sports Anthem, a rhythmic celebration of athletic prowess and unity, echoing the spirit of the nation.

    Witness the two spectacular editions of Pakistan Sports Awards. Relive the unforgettable moments, as we honored the trailblazers and celebrated the achievements that have etched their mark in the annals of Pakistani sports history. From the glitz of the red carpet to the emotional triumphs on stage, our showreel encapsulates the heart and soul of Pakistan Sports Awards, a beacon of inspiration in the realm of sports recognition.

    Who we are

    We champion the idea that every sport and every athlete in Pakistan should be acknowledged on an equal footing, rejecting any notion of hierarchy and emphasizing the value of diversity within our sporting community.

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    Our bespoke trophy is compiled of only the finest materials. The overall look and theme of the trophy signifies class and elegance. But more than anything, this award means more than just a trophy. It is reward and recognition for years of sacrifices to make it to the top level



    The Pakistan Sports Awards symbol reflects all things Pakistani. The colour green reflects the green found in the Pakistan flag. Similarly, the chand sitara is always visible which derives from the flag of Pakistan.

    The symbol also contains a letter of the Pakistani national language, Urdu. This is through the letter ‘seen’ which is displayed to the right of the symbol.



    Together on the journey to elevate 🇵🇰 Sports


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    Arshad Nadeem’s Historic Silver at World Athletics Championship 2023

    Arshad Nadeem’s dazzling performance at the World Athletics Championships in Hungary brought Pakistan its first-ever medal at this esteemed event…. read more

    Arslan Ash: The Unstoppable Force Reigns Supreme at Evo 2023

    In the adrenaline-soaked realm of competitive gaming, where lightning reflexes and strategic prowess collide, one name has consistently etched itself… read more

    Hamza Khan: Reviving Pakistan’s Squash Legacy with World Junior Championship Triumph after 37 years

    In a gripping finale that resonated with echoes of history, Hamza Khan, the young prodigy from Pakistan, etched his name… read more

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    @arslan.ash adds another trophy to his collection at the Frag Fest Spring Tournament 2024 in the US, continuing to elevate Pakistan's name in the eSports realm! 👏🏼👏🏼 

Congratulations on yet another victory to your name Champ! Keep making Pakistan proud! 🌟🇵🇰
    📣 Sports Minister Punjab, Faisal Ayub Khokhar, urges all Pakistanis, especially the youth and students, to join the first Pakistan Sports Wiz initiative! Let's embrace our sporting legacy and ignite passion for sports and knowledge together! 🏆📚

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    Our very own @imsikandarb joined us at the PSA media wall and talked about how the Pakistan Sports Awards illuminate the path, bringing to light the remarkable stories of our sports stars, each contributing to the nation's pride in their unique way. 🇵🇰
For complete interview, visit our YouTube channel (agent HAQ)

#PakistanSportsAwards #sports #PSA #RespectTheSweat
    Meet the trailblazing @shabana.akhtar.olympion, Pakistan's first female Olympian 🏅
Joined us at the Pakistan Sports Awards media wall and shared her incredible journey, the importance of PSA, and imparts a powerful message to all aspiring women athletes. 🇵🇰
For complete interview, visit our YouTube channel (agent HAQ)

#PakistanSportsAwards #PSA #sports #RespectTheSweat
    @supersalmakhann, Pakistan's rally racing champ, on the "Respect the Sweat Show" with @khanahsanofficial! 🚗💨 She unveils her journey, showcase women's capabilities, and highlight the vital role of platforms like Pakistan Sports Awards. 🏆 Don't miss this high-speed episode! For complete interview, visit our YouTube channel (agent HAQ)

#PakistanSportsAwards #PSA #sports #RespectTheSweat
    Join the conversation with @mahoor.shahzad, the badminton sensation and Olympian, as she shares insights on the significance of Pakistan Sports Awards and more with @khanahsanofficial on 'Respect The Sweat' show powered by Pakistan Sports Awards at our YouTube channel (agent HAQ

#PakistanSportsAwards #PSA #sports #RespectTheSweat
    Join @tariqsaeed12, the maestro of versatile commentary, as he engages in a captivating conversation with @zabbasofficial on the 'Respect The Sweat' show – a timeless dialogue spanning generations. 🎙️ For complete interview, visit our YouTube channel (agent HAQ)

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