Amna Fayyaz became the latest entry into World champion status for Pakistan. 


The 17 year old from Rawalpindi made it to the final of the squash championship, and outclassed her opponent winning the game in only 19 minutes.


Yet again, Pakistan is blessed with another top talent in sports, and this time in a sport which has a long history linked with Pakistan, squash.


The young girl managed to take home a cash prize of $5,000 after winning the tournament. 


As of now, her global ranking is number 110, but we are sure to see that improve should she continue to progress the way she is.


Amna is yet another Pakistani who is giving glory to her nation through the fantastic vehicle that is sports. We are sure that should she continue to work hard, this won’t be the last we hear of her.


And this certainly won’t be the last title she wins for Pakistan!


Author: Yasir