While the nation was busy following and applauding cricketers, a young girl was perfecting her swimming skills in Lahore. She worked hard until her moment to shine arrived during Pakistan National Games 2001. Khan clinched 7 Gold medals, 3 Silver , 3 Bronze medals and the rest is history.

Since then, the athlete went on to win many national and international competitions, including the 2008 Olympics. She achieved the same feat in 2019 National Games by winning 10 Gold medals. For a Pakistani woman, she is a beacon of hope for pursuing non-mainstream sports.

Kiran Khan is also one of the first Pakistani female swimmers to represent on an international scale. She was awarded with ‘Tamgha e Imtiaz’ by the Pakistani Government in 2012. Kiran also became the ‘Pakistan Youth Icon’ in 2008, and won the Benazir Women Excellence award in 2009. Overall, she is the proud owner of 327 National Gold medals and 47 international medals.

“I faced all the problems with determination to reach this point. I am proud of my achievements. One should try to achieve something in life every day. I am thankful to all the people who were involved in helping me get this recognition.” 

This year, the pro swimmer received recognition from the Olympic Association for all her efforts. She can proudly put ‘OLY’ with her name, which is a dream for every athlete who represents their country.  Here is her heartfelt tweet after receiving the certificate.