Pakistan has yet another World class sporting talent on its hands, and this time it is junior squash player, Huzaifa Ibrahim.


Huzaifa covered himself and Pakistan in glory after winning the Japan junior squash open games.


The tournament took place in Yokohama, Japan and Huzaifa had to encounter local boy Yujin Ikeda, who was touted as a top star. 


Our superstar Huzaifa took on Yujin in the final and stunned the top seed as he went on to record a 3-1 victory in the all-important final.


The final scoreline read: 11-3, 7-11, 11-8 and 11-6.


Going into the final, Yujin was the favourite, yet Huzaifa defied all odds and came back with a World title for Pakistan.


Playing away from home is always a challenge, and especially playing against an opponent in his own backyard, however, our young star Huzaifa soaked up the pressure and eventually got the job done.


This highlights his extraordinary talent and ability.


Huzaifa Ibrahim seems to be a name to remember for the future.


Even now at such a young age he is doing a marvellous job, but we know he will only get better.


It is exciting times for Pakistani sport, and this boy is just another part of it!


Author: Yasir