Pakistan’s World title tally was given yet another boost, after the Kabaddi team defeated rivals India in a closely fought final.


The title is the first in Pakistan’s history, making this the first time Pakistan has won the Kabaddi World cup. Pakistan can now proudly say they are the World champions in Kabaddi.


The overall score ended at 43-41 in favour of the home side, however, it wasn’t plain sailing for our heroes. At the halftime stage, the situation looked worrying as India were leading 24-18. 


But despite this, our superheroes made the charge and performed outstandingly when the pressure was on. If they didn’t, it would have been the fourth time that Pakistan has lost to India in a Kabaddi final. But our boys were having none of that.


The passion the team showed was outstanding, and it was largely fuelled by playing at home in front of a jam packed stadium. It was reported that there were 1000’s waiting outside the ground trying to get in, highlighting the popularity of the sport.


The amount of love the fans showed our heroes was amazing to see, and it was even better that our team did a lap of honour after the game thanking fans for coming out and supporting them.


This also highlights the importance of playing home games. The crowd is almost like an extra member of the team always giving you that boost when you need it.


The Pakistan team received 10million in prize money, but more than the money, they’ve made Pakistan proud once again which is priceless, so we thank you for that!


We look forward to the next Kabaddi event, and no doubt we will be behind the boys who made us proud today.

Author: Yasir