The 2019 Tekken Evolution Championship winner = Pakistan’s very own Arslan Siddiqui. Yes you heard that right.


Pakistan has yet ANOTHER World champion this year, after the 23 year old won the gaming tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The young Pakistani star has been playing Tekken since the age of 11. All that hard work he has put into gaming finally paid off, by winning a World title for Pakistan at such a prestigious event.


The tournament had players from all around the World including South Korea, America, Japan and China, yet it was our very own Arslan Siddiqui from Pakistan who came out on top.


The 23 year old believes that his victory will be a big morale booster for the other Tekken players in Pakistan, to work harder, so they too can achieve something as recognisable as this achievement.


Anytime Pakistan’s name is covered in glory, we love it. So thank you to Arslan Siddiqui for winning yet another World title in sports for Pakistan this year.


We wish you more years of success going forward.


Author: Yasir