The youngest ever junior World scrabble champion belongs to Pakistan. He is only 13 years of age and is named Syed Immad Ali.


The 13 year old added to Pakistan’s amazing tally chart of World champions, after victory in the championship in Torquay, England.


The tournament is conducted for juniors, but no one at the age of 13 has ever seen such triumphs, highlighting the young boys unbelievable and extraordinary talent.


It has been reported that he is only the second player in the history of the game to have won both the World youth scrabble championship, as well as the junior World scrabble championship, indicating the young man has a massive future.


Scrabble is a fantastic game to play, and extremely challenging and exciting. For someone at only 13 to be able to play well bodes well for the future of Pakistani sport.


Syed Immad Ali is yet another Pakistani representing Pakistan in a positive way, winning a World title for the country.


We are relatively sure this won’t be the last title he will bring to Pakistan!

Author: Yasir