German Silver

Our stylish trophy is made of the finest German silver, a tough silver alloy known for never rusting, just like the World records of Pakistanis in sports. The feel and quality of the trophy is second to none.

Crescent and the star

The crescent and star represent the two main components which make up the flag of Pakistan.

In addition to this, the crescent and star create a perception of floating in mid-air. This is achieved through the high-tensile strength fiberglass, highlighting the significance of being on top and having strength and character, which of course are required to be a top level athlete.

The Sheild

The shield contains the names of the award winners, as well as the name of the award they won, creating a memorable piece of silverware for the winners.

The Base

The base of the trophy signifies the importance of remaining grounded and the importance of remembering your roots. The shape and design of the base resembles the symbol of the Pakistan Sports Awards.