Pakistan Sports Wiz

Ab Khelo Pakistan Sports Wiz or Jeeto 5 Lakh!

  • Current Time:2024-06-16 04:50:21
  • Quiz Start Time:2024-04-14 05:00:00
  • Quiz End Time:2024-04-14 07:00:00


Frequently asked questions

What is Pakistan Sports Wiz?

Pakistan Sports Wiz is a national-level sports quiz competition aimed at celebrating Pakistan's rich sports heritage and promoting sports knowledge among enthusiasts.

What will the Winner get?

500,000 Pakistani Rupees

Who can participate in Pakistan Sports Wiz?

Pakistan Sports Wiz is open to sports enthusiasts of all ages residing in Pakistan who have a passion for sports knowledge and history.

How can I register for Pakistan Sports Wiz?

You can register for Pakistan Sports Wiz by filling out the registration form by visiting

What happens after I register?

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions, including access to the FAQs section and preparation tips

What are the resources that I can use for preparation?

Visiting @sportsawardspk on social media and exploring websites such as and will help you familiarize yourself with Pakistan's sports achievements and insights, which will be beneficial for the quiz.

How many questions will be asked in the first round of Pakistan Sports Wiz?

In the first round, participants will be asked a total of 75 questions covering world titles of Pakistan across all sports, Pakistan's international sports history, achievements, and current events.

What happens after the first round?

Participants who score the highest in the first round will progress to the second round of Pakistan Sports Wiz.

How will the winners be determined in the final round?

The final round of Pakistan Sports Wiz will feature challenging questions, and the winners will be determined based on their scores.

Is there a registration fee for Pakistan Sports Wiz?

No, registration for Pakistan Sports Wiz is free of charge. Simply fill out the registration form to participate.

Where can I find updates and announcements about Pakistan Sports Wiz?

Stay tuned to our social media channels and the official website for updates, announcements, and important information regarding Pakistan Sports Wiz.